Over 50,000,000 Documents Scanned!

Our DMS (Document Management Service) will take your paper documents and convert them to image format to be stored on CD / DVD / Other media which suits your needs. Imagine millions of documents placed at your fingertips with full search capabilities.

Our process creates safe, reliable and quick access to your valuable information. Once converted from the archaic paper format, you are then able to:

  • Organize mass amounts of information
  • Compress filing cabinets and storage into office space
  • Maintain greater security of your files
  • Ensure longer document life
WOW is equipped to handle sizes: Width 2-3/16" - 40"  &bnsp; X    Length 2-3/4" - 143"

Adobe's PDF Solution:
  • PDF conversion are accomplished after scanning
  • Adobe Capture and/or Distiller convert the electronic images to OCR
  • Adobe offers FREE PDF Reader software on the Web
  • Independent of all platforms and applications
  • Document distribution / archiving / retrieval strategies
  • Exact image fidelity of original document
  • Search capabilities
Wide Format:
  • Any size engineering drawings
  • Blue Prints
  • Generate image file sto industry standard formats
  • Ability to scan to .TIFF and convert to DXF/DWG