Over 50,000,000 Documents Scanned!

WOW Document Management Services Awarded Regional Master Standing Offer (RMSO) for Optical Scanning and Data Conversion Services.

Ottawa, Ontario, November 1, 2000 --- WOW Document Management Services Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an RMSO with the Federal Government for Optical Scanning and Data Conversion Services. This contract is for two years, valid until December 2002.

This Standing Offer allows Federal Government departments to utilize WOW's industry expertise in Scanning and Document Conversion Services. The Standing Offer is intended to streamline the cost effective nature of outsourcing these services by raising a call-up against the Standing Offer. Call up limitations under the RMSO is capped at $50,000 in value including GST. PWGSC is to be commended on this cost effective means of procurement to Federal Departments.

With the RMSO (E60ER-9-0304/004/ER), WOW can provide: scanning of paper documents, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services, data conversion, database populating and media replication services. Output can be provided in a number of image file formats including Tiff, PDF, Doc, WPD, HTML, and Txt etc.

To find out more about government standing offers, please visit www.contractscanada.gc.ca/en/so-e.htm.

Jason Lewis
RMSO Account Executive
WOW Document Management Services Ltd.