Over 50,000,000 Documents Scanned!

WOW DMS was started by bringing a team of individuals together to create solutions for companies with paper file systems. By utilizing our team of professionals you will ensure that your files are converted seamlessly, capital expenses minimized and tasks completed on time. WOW’s rapidly expanding digital product and services portfolio creates clear, effective paths to custom fit solutions for your industry without capital investment.

Seeing the future with web technologies and file structures we are able to decrease your capital expenses and place your valuable information in your fingertips. Present ways of going to the office to bring a file home is one example of a task that will soon die out with new technologies. If you are wasting valuable time through inefficient access of your files and paying for that means of storage then we are the answer for you.

Still much strategic information is still stored on paper in filing cabinets and warehouses often nowhere near the work site. You need quick access to your business-critical information. Let WOW convert those assets into electronic format.

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Faster return on investment
  • Accelerated project completion
  • Reduction of physical storage space
  • Access to business-critical documents
  • Elimination of misfiled, misplaced, damaged or lost documents
  • Provides a backup copy of documents