Over 50,000,000 Documents Scanned!

Q   What type of security is offered while working on my files?

A   Many clients today have ongoing concerns with security of their documents. We currently have employees with security clearance levels to cover the conversions of your files. All WOW employees are bonded.

Q   How long is your turn around time to convert my files i.e. in legal box form?

A   We perform quick turn around time depending on volume and time line you require.

Q   How will I get a large amount of documents to you?

A   We will pick up your files regardless of amount to be converted. As well we can arrange for shreading and disposal services and have given the go ahead. If so desired we will also arrange for storage.

Q   What if my new files will not open in the future due to software issues?

A   We provide backup copies of the originals and store a copy on site. This allows your data to be transferred as technology changes. As well we use industry standard file formats, which ensures your files are always accessible.